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The Plumber's Helper

Author: Blaise Kilgallen
Genre: Sensual Romance
Reviewed by Susan DiPlacido

565Jake Plummer is a strong and single financial whiz who's recently come home to relax and visit his parents, and help his father with his plumbing business. On one of his first calls, he's summoned to a large job at the house of his old high school crush, Roxanne Diamond. A year older and more experienced than Roxanne, Jake had a severe case of lust for the young Roxy, but when they finally hooked up at her high school graduation party, things went awry when she still wasn't quite ready to handle Jake sexually.

Much to Jake's surprise, and delight, Roxanne Diamond is currently living in her parent's home where he's been summoned for a the large repair job. She's house-sitting while her parents are away in Europe. Roxanne has mixed memories regarding Jake, because although she liked him and wanted him, her first sexual experience with him was painful and unpleasant. However, when she sees him now, nearly ten years later, she's undeniably attracted to him physically while still being angry and distrustful of him.

The Plumber's Helper is a fast-paced, engrossing, hot, and enjoyable read. Blaise Kilgallen takes care to fashion two extremely likeable and fully fleshed characters here. And their past sexual history somehow works to create more heat and friction between them, while building on a truly engaging emotional connection. The writing is smooth and fluid, and I was drawn to both Jake and Roxy. It's a delicious, decadent read, sure to satisfy the reader's expectations.


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